Stunt Chopper


I wanted to do something different, something small, something simple; the game had to be self-contained (it would not include external resources), it shouldn't use CALL ABSOLUTE (which means no assembly, so you know the controls are going to be amazing), and shouldn't use OUT or INP() (which means no access to the DAC, and no Mode Y.) The end result is Stunt Chopper, a remake of David Duvenaud and James Challis' game.

You move the chopper around and drop a stuntman with the space bar. The guy has to land on the wagon that is passing by. You get one extra life every 5000 points and the fastest the stuntman is moving, the more points you get (when jumping, he inherits the momentum of the chopper.) I added a score system, a flying saucer that can crash into the helicopter, and gamepad controls. The original game was designed in graphic mode 9 (640x350 and 16 colors,) while this one is in mode 7 (320x200 and 16 colors) because of its multiple pages of video memory available.

The code doesn't feature anything too special, and the gameplay is equally barebone. The game could use additional obstacles like kytes and birds, and take the direction of the wind into account. But that'll do for now I guess.

The game should work on a potato. Gamepad is recommended though.