What's new (2018)

Flickering, flashing, spinning

December 26th, 2018

Here's another quick update to mention the addition of banners at the bottom of the main page (yay!) and a nicely 3D-rendered spinning 3.5 floppy disk is now replacing the boring "download" link. I might need to take some courses in flashing and flickering applied arts, as I suspect one or two moving arrows, an extra rainbow marquee, and some epilepsy-inducing animated GIFs wouldn't hurt. And now I'm off to prepare for New Year's Eve, we've got plenty of non-programming related stuff ahead to attend to. If we don't see each other before then, Happy New Year!

New Game: Super Enhanced JAW!

December 26th, 2018

I spent the past five days rewriting an old game by Estonian developer TµEE co. The game, originally released in 2006, is called "JAW in: Attacking Earth's Food Supplies". It is rather crude and primitive, but provides a good way to get things started. Get it in the Games section (let's hope the workaround for Neocities's "no archive and no executable" policy holds up).

Moving in

December 25th, 2018

Suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, I felt the irresistible urge to build a webpage about QuickBASIC. It felt like turning into an accountant in the dead of a full-moon night. But where should it be hosted? Since Geocities has been shut down in 2009, I had little to no alternative to get a quick fix of that "true low-tech early 2000s nostalgia" (which is the only thing that keeps me alive at this point). And that's when I was introduced to Neocities.

I signed up in a hurry, slept on it, and after a few minutes of meddling, I confusedly realized I kinda liked it! I recreated a page layout similar to GameSpy's "Planet" network for increased nostalgia factor (I'm a one-trick pony, get used to it, but not too fast, let's keep it fresh, I'm counting on you), which works fine with static HTML pages thanks to iframe inserts. I already wrote a couple of pages, crushed a few resource files, and will probably crush CSS and JS files in the near future for good measure.

That's about it for now, I hope I'll keep you informed of changes and stuff more often than my disappointing son's keep in touch with me (if not for your analphabetism, you could read how disappointed I am in you, Mike Hawk Jr!)

Wish me luck.